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About The Living Voice

Hello! Welcome to The Living Voice Internet Radio

Welcome to Project Voice on Radio, a division of Living Voice Ministries, Inc . The Living Voice is a not-for-profit online radio ministry devoted to bringing our listeners a variety of uplifting worship music as well as other great programing since 2012. Our hearts are committed to fulfilling Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20 which states, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (NIV).

The Word of God-All Day and Night

Our goal here at The Living Voice is to help spread the gospel message of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Through our mix of solid Biblical teaching programs and inspiring devotional music, we hope to help teach and encourage believers all across the globe. We have an incredible music catalog with hundreds of albums and an awesome group of spirit-led teachers who help provide our daily teachings.

Bringing the Gospel to All the World

Jesus Christ came to save all people across the globe. Project Voice on Radio by Living Voice Ministries, Inc runs two separate internet stations. The first, The Living Voice Radio, broadcasts in English and the second, Living Voice Online Radio, broadcasts in Malayalam. Both stations provide faithful believers with 24 hour music, teaching, and encouragement.

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Comments from our listeners

hi love this station.
What a find, moved to tears in worship at my desk, god bless you.
I prefer very much living voice channel.
I am glad to join you!.
just like to say very nice music keep on going. The Lord blessings i give.

Preach in The Living Voice

Become a Radio Evangelist from the comfort of your home

Yes! You could witness Jesus Christ from the comfort of your couch at home! Here on The Living Voice we follow a very unique broadcasting strategy.. Just like commercial breaks on TV and radio, we have 2 to 3 minute breaks during our broadcast of 24/7 devotional songs to share the powerful Word of God with the listeners.

We are looking for people who have a desire to help others understand and be encouraged by the Word of God. God’s word shows us that He will use different types of people with different teaching styles to help further His message. No matter if you are an ordained minister or a gifted lay person who has a God given biblical message, you could record your message using your computer, smartphone or any other recording device and send it to us for broadcasting. If it meets the minimum broadcasting quality, is less than 150 seconds and does not contradict our statements of faith (, we would definitely consider it to air on The Living Voice .

How to send your messages to us?

You could do one of the following for sending your content to us:

  • * Use the online file upload system in our ministry website - www.LivingVoiceMinistries.Org OR
  • * Upload the file(s) to a file sharing site like dropbox or Google Drive and then send us the download link using the contact button on the left side of this page.

Please note that when sending your content, add a disclaimer stating the following:

  • * Self certification of your rights to the material
  • * Granting rights to The Living Voice (Living Voice Ministries Inc) to broadcast on Internet Radio.

This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who may feel led to teach, but has not yet had the opportunity to do so and also for established Bible teachers and pastors desiring to share their messages.

Disclaimer: Should any content sent to us contradict our statements of faith ( or do not meet minimum quality requirements we will not approve it for airing it on The Living Voice Radio. Also, we reserve the right to accept or reject any files sent to us for any other reason.

Market your Music for FREE

Over 10,000 listeners a month averaging 350 listeners a day!!

  • Over 6200 Average Listening hours a Month
  • Loyal listeners from 155 countries around the world
  • Top listeners from USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Brazil

Are you a song writer or artist looking for that right exposure?

Our ministry is completely listener and artist supported. The author of Hebrews writes, “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness” (Hebrews 3:13, NIV). We are a community radio, where the content and teaching are provided by our community of believers. If you are a Christian music artist, we provide the perfect place for you to help further the gospel message. As a bonus, our station can help get free exposure for your music. And the best part? Its absolutely FREE of cost for you... NO commissions, NO monthly payments and NO solicitation for donations!!

Rest assured, your content will be safe with us from any copyright violations. There is not, and will never be, any option to download any content from our site and we will not share your content with any third party. However, for contributors of full albums, we will try to provide free links to your shopping site for our listeners to purchase your album directly from you. No commission or affiliate fee need to be paid for your earnings from those sales directed from our site. We would provide free backlinks (on our contributors page) to your website or social network. For major contributors, we will even provide a write up on your ministry on our contributors page..

If you are considering becoming an artist contributor to our station get in touch with us NOW. Together, we can help build the Kingdom of God for His glory.

How to send your content to us?

  • ** You could use the online file upload system on our ministry website to send the content to us -
  • OR
  • ** If you prefer to send a CD/DVD instead of uploading the files online, you can send that to the address PO Box 283, Omaha, NE – 68101 with a cover letter. Please make sure to send an email (or use the contact form in this site) after you have mailed it.

Please note that, by sending your content to us, you certify that you are the legal owner for the file uploaded here and you give Living Voice Ministries the full right to broadcast your content in either or both of the Living Voice radios as deemed appropriate by the administrator without any financial liabilities. Living Voice Ministries will neither reproduce nor share your content. We will not sell your content or make a profit using it.

If you are sending at least one full album to us, we could add a link to your online store or download page while your song is being played on The Living Voice, thereby giving you a free marketing opportunity. (This link should be a generic one - like a search page or album page on your site - see our radio for samples. Only one link is allowed per artist)

Disclaimer: Should any content sent to us contradict our statements of faith ( or do not meet minimum quality requirements we will not approve it for airing it on The Living Voice Radio. Also, we reserve the right to accept or reject any files sent to us for any other reason.

Our Valued Contributors

All credits goes to the following contributors of original content

Note: If you are an independant artist who have contributed content directly to The Living Voice but do not see your name and/or link below or your name is shown but not your preferred link, please know that it must have been a clerical error and we request you to contact us with your name and/or link to let us know of the error and we will correct it promptly.

    Content: MP3 Devotional Songs

    The vision of is to provide a way for worship leaders and worshippers to hear a complete song and download a FREE chart so they can teach the song to their church, bible study, or simply play it during their personal times of worship. Songwriters can sell their songs through online store, or they can sell their songs by linking back to their website or iTunes. WorshipSong is our largest partner and they have been so kind to allow us broadcasting their enormous collection of Christian Songs which includes the Artists like Paul Baloche, Tony Logan, Maranatha Praise band, Bethel Music, Vineyard UK, Worship Life, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, Calvary Chapel, Chris Duran, Chris Lizotte, Holland Davis, Christ For the Nations and much more!!

  • Original Works
    Content: Messages and Songs

    'Original Works' is a compilation of songs, audio devotionals and studies in the scriptures inspired, directed and guided by the Holy Spirit of God in the life of Sister Sue Love. Her Songs, lyrics and chordsheets can be downloaded from this website absolutely free of cost.

  • Dr. Paul Richardson
    Content: Devotional Messages

    Dr. Paul Richardson, the founder of the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, has evangelized from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, and preached from the Atlantic to the Pacific. He founded two churches in Texas and Two in North Carolina, and has done mission work in Japan and Israel. He has appeared on or hosted numerous radio and television programs, and authored many pieces of Christian literature and developed many Christian curriculum programs.

  • Lights Align
    Content: MP3 Devotional Songs

    Lights Align signed with Madison Line Records, is a worship-based band bringing you a unique sound and fresh approach to contemporary worship. Through the combination of contemporary worship, electronic music, intriguing chord progressions, and lyrics filled with Scriptural truth, Lights Align strives to bring a fresh perspective to worshiping our Creator.

  • Norm Hastings
    Content: MP3 Devotional Songs

    Tranquil Hymns: Volume 1 is the work of Norm Hastings whose passion is to create music and an atmosphere where people can receive peace, rest, comfort, and encouragement. Norm Hastings started playing the piano at the young age of 8 years, It wasn't long before it became evident that he had been given a special gift from the Lord in his playing this is still true today. You can read more about him in his site

  • Faith Sing
    Content: MP3 Devotional Songs believes that Christian Music should be freely shared, just as Jesus freely shared His Life, Love and Teachings with us. As well as free downloads of Christian mp3s, you'll also always find the lyrics and free downloads of Christian sheet music in this website.

  • Small Church Music
    Content: MP3 Devotional Songs aims to make good quality accompaniments for congregational singing available at no cost. With the wide variety of music in our churches, this site seeks to provide a number of recording styles. Public Domain music can be downloaded freely. Copyright music requires a small copyright fee.

    Content: MP3 Devotional Songs

    Take No Glory is a non-profit musicianary band. The write intensely personal songs about dealing with the issues like Child slavery, addiction, suicide, abortion… etc and being transformed by Love..

  • Dr. Johnson Cherian
    Content: Messages and Songs

    Dr. Johnson Cherian M.D, Ph.D is a Medical Practitioner, Evangelist & Author who has been evangelizing on the Internet since the year 2000. His aim in life is to bring glory to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by being a faithful witness of him. airs Dr Johnson's devotional messages named "Start your day right"..

  • Other Independant Artists
    Content: Messages and Songs

    The list of independant artists who contributes to the contents of includes Rachel Robbins, Lee Smith, Rory Green, E.Daniels, Josh Gilbert, Carlos St.Omer, Concepta, Edward L WainWrite, Pastor Mark Collier, Lydia Clare, Maurice Rogers , Claire Odogbo , Evelyn Knight, Nego and Ellen, Christopher Strope from Thayer Missouri, Ken Alphonso, Marlon Christy, Junior Watson, Sean Lovelady, Francis, Cecilia Ezeani, David OConnell, Syvia Ajayi, John Thomas, Ekklesia Gospel Band, Ashley Smith, Frank K, Chan Occena, Karlton Larmore, Donnie Davis, Uche Favour, Sidney Njehu (Short Messages), Varun Kumar (Short Messages), Pastor. Finny Samuel (Short Messages) etc..

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